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In March of 2020. The Talbott Brothers were struck by the covid-19 pandemic. On the first, and as it were, the final show of a highly anticipated national tour, the pandemic forced venues to close and the tour was brought to an unfortunate stand still. The tour was a showcase of the brothers sophomore album Ghost Talker, which had earned the attention of both Rolling Stone and Billboard, while selling out shows across the United States. Now, the momentum of the band was quickly turned stagnant.

Coming from a small town background in Imperial, NE, near the borders of Colorado and Kansas, the brothers returned home to drink some whiskey and write some music. While living off-grid, the two brothers decided to separate and hit the road, traveling the country in search of where they belong outside of music and who they were as individuals. Nick and Tyler Talbott were on the hunt to fill the voids left by living life on the run. Both joys and sorrows were collected while living on the road and in order to find where their hearts truly fit, the brothers turned back to music.

An assemblage of songs began to take shape through gathering thoughts, journal entries, and voice memos. The collection ultimately became their newest album Letters and one of those songs is "Us".

"Us" is a somber, emotional, and heartfelt love song. In the woods of Oregon, The Talbott Brothers collaborated with their longtime friend, Justin Abel, in his secluded studio east of Portland. "Us" is only one song on the album, but it embodies the general theme in and of itself. Grief, Trauma, love loss, and the heavy-heartedness of mistakes made all come through in the beautifully written and performed lyrics of the song. The melody is stripped down as much as possible with a melancholy progression on piano accompanied by the light strumming of an acoustic guitar, which leaves the listener no choice but to focus on the deep and emotionally driven lyrics, sung n perfect harmony. The honesty in the song is impossible not to hear, as the chorus rings "Could've put it in a letter, but no one's writing letters anymore and I might've said it better in a song but you're immune, aren't you? so baby don't get dressed, I wanna spend the rest of the night falling in love again". Lyrics that are so clearly written with the objective of redemption.

On thing is certain, "Us" is a perfect embodiment of the album Letters, and when The Talbott Brothers get back on the road, to tour for this one, it's gonna be one hell of a ride!!!!!

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