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The Tech Thieves Drop Moody New Tune ‘Forget’

For anyone that follows the site, it is probably easy to see that I don’t post too much dark/heavy stuff – but every once and a while something will land in my inbox that I can’t help support. 

Recently I was hit with the new single, “Forget”, by The Tech Thieves and it has been getting me amped up ever since.  The gritty, Rock leaning Electronic jam features haunting vocals, distorted basslines, eerie atmospheric elements, massive drums and a grooving drop – all coming together to create an epic war song that will ready any troops for battle.

What is most cool about this tune is the blend of genres/influences.  While there may be other artists creating in the Rock/EDM lane, this stands as one of my favorites…and I’d say one of the best executed jams to date.  This is something you could mosh to or stage dice to without a doubt… plus it’ll make you bounce.

This is a jam.

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