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This is Icy.

Back to LA.  The talent out there is really unlimited.

My new fav find this week from the city of angels goes by the name of alxxa… and her new single, “Icy Love”, is an absolute jam.  While there may be an abundance of pretty voices on top of Future Bass leaning electronic productions these days, there are only so many that get me absolutely hooked.  This is one of the exceptions for sure. 

Beyond the fact that her voice is mint, the overall vibe of the track is way on point.  Minimal, yet bright and popping production lays the bed for alxxa to absolutely swag on.  Oscillating synths couple with punchy trap infused drums during the verses before dropping out and leading up into the catchy af hook.

I can’t wait to lose some street cred and see what kind of looks I get driving around and knocking this heavy.

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