• Nicholas Zallo

This is ‘So Wavey’

The UK‘s Doctor first made waves back in 2007 when he came in as a fresh face to the Grime scene and turned heads with his tracks, “Never Wanna Say Bye Bye“, and “Gotta Man“.  In a short time, Doctor was able to to catch the attention of someone industry legends, which led to collaborations with DJ Chuckie, Gregor Salto and Davinche to name a few.

After a little bit of a break Doctor is back with a new sound perfect for summer.  His latest release, “So Wavey“, featuring Kick Raux is a solid Pop tune with an Afrobeat undertone that sees him gliding effortlessly on the Tropical production with top notch melodies and a Caribbean swag.  This track is designed for the ladies to get down to in the club, but would work just as well on radio.

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