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This is ‘So Wavey’

The UK‘s Doctor first made waves back in 2007 when he came in as a fresh face to the Grime scene and turned heads with his tracks, “Never Wanna Say Bye Bye“, and “Gotta Man“.  In a short time, Doctor was able to to catch the attention of someone industry legends, which led to collaborations with DJ Chuckie, Gregor Salto and Davinche to name a few.

After a little bit of a break Doctor is back with a new sound perfect for summer.  His latest release, “So Wavey“, featuring Kick Raux is a solid Pop tune with an Afrobeat undertone that sees him gliding effortlessly on the Tropical production with top notch melodies and a Caribbean swag.  This track is designed for the ladies to get down to in the club, but would work just as well on radio.

The vibe on this one is super on point.  Excited to hear what’s next from Doctor.

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