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Throughout his new album, Here Goes Nothing, Phil Aiken demonstrates his full potential as an artist

The brand new Here Goes Nothing album from local Boston favorite Phil Aiken is now available on digital music platforms.

Here Goes Nothing is a true labor of love, and he emerges without apology or reservations as a fully developed artist. Astonishing honesty is what he displays when he shares what he thinks, feels, and is annoyed about.

The album's lead single, "Lesser Lights," evokes a throwback feel and energetic atmosphere with Phil Aiken's charismatic vocal delivery.

The culmination of nearly two decades of mastering his musical craft, Phil Aiken blends new wave and pub rock with near flawless precision throughout Here Goes Nothing. The album's honesty and sincerity play an important role in its appeal.

Performing, recording, or collaborating with dozens of local artists and bands as a keyboardist, Phil Aiken is a fixture in the Boston music scene. Phil Aiken has established himself as a thoughtful, clever singer/songwriter with a legion of influences, and his solo performances have established him among artists such as Todd Rundgren, Elvis Costello, Tom Waits, John Hiatt, and Warren Zevon as a solo artist.

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