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Tim Chou Releases "Recently" Ahead of Upcoming EP

Ready to announce his first track off of the highly anticipated second EP "Lost Melody", Tim Chou's "Recently" is officially available on all streaming services. Inspired by the difficulties of graduating high school during 2020 in addition to personal life challenges, "Recently" provides Chou a platform to open up about the struggles that he's faced that will likely prove relatable to many. When life gets difficult, music is what we have and "Recently" is what comfort sounded like to the young artist while he was experiencing one of the most turbulent situations of our lifetime. Beautifully melodic with a gentle lyric delivery, the single speaks for itself and we are thrilled to share it with fans both new and old, now that we're entering yet another new & unpredictable year.

With over 35,000 streams across platforms. The now 19-year-old owns a true love and passion for music which constantly finds him working on his craft as a singer-songwriter and guitarist. Tim's honest approach to songwriting allows him to create resonant music and communicate vulnerable stories and ideas.

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