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Tobias Dray and Duncan Davis link up on the infectious Pop anthem “Jump”

Tobias Dray is a Pop artist-producer from Paris and based in Toronto. He maintains an imaginative approach to creating the next wave of pop-music, and his latest collaboration with vocalist Duncan Davis is perhaps one of his most exemplary endeavors. “Jump” is a cool and intricate Pop smash about the overwhelming feelings one encounters when they first fall in love. Although innovative, Dray’s production alludes back to some of the most definitive and memorable tropes of the 2000’s Pop-boom. 

“Jump” is about falling so hard for someone that you simply disregard the potential emotional harms and consequences that come with young love. When Davis sings “I just want to jump right into things. I just want to leave the ground with you” we all know what he means: Lets disregard all formalities and undergo this connection we feel in full effect. “Jump‘s” relatability is precisely what makes it such a magnetic Pop anthem. However, beyond its lyrical content, Dray’s production contributes more than what is initially evident. Beginning with a stripped-down, down tempo, rhythm comprised of distorted keys, “Jump” draws you in with its simplicity. Quickly, however, the track develops a strong rhythm that calls back to the likes of Maroon 5 and even MGMT. The track fluctuates between these opposing tendencies throughout its entirety, inducing a constant cycle of pensivity and ambivalent bliss. Tobias Dray accomplished things on “Jump” that many of Pop’s powerhouses often fail to execute. In creating a memorable track that is both relatable and energizing, Dray has proved that he’s a force to be reckoned with.

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