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Tomi Saario Continues Hot Streak with New Single ‘Someone Like You’

Emerging Finnish artist Tomi Saario recently dropped his latest track, “Someone Like You”, and it perfectly demonstrates his natural ability to deliver catchy and satisfying pop hooks. Serving as his fourth single, the shining Electric-Pop jam features an eclectic beat with gratifying lyrics. “Someone Like You”, describes the emotional roller-coaster we go through when falling in love (or lust) with somebody new.

Tomi Saario started his musical journey at the age of five when he began learning how to play the guitar. While his solo material has thus far been mostly Pop oriented, Tomi has stated that blues musicians like Stevie Ray Vaughan were his earliest inspiration. At the age of 17, Saario took all of his musical inspiration and used it to start writing original songs, which paved the way for what would become a music career.

Since releasing his first track, Saario has grown tremendously as an artist. It is no surprise that Saario has been working with Hitimpulse, an international team notorious for creating songs for well-known artists such as Kygo, Ava Max, and Ellie Goulding. Just like these artists, Saario brings a fresh sense of style and authenticity to the music scene. ‘Someone like You’ is a catchy, upbeat, and fun track. Jam-packed with synthetic beats, strong frequency, and pleasant bars, ‘Someone like You’ is an impressive addition to Saario’s portfolio and the music world. If you haven’t heard this track yet, don’t hesitate to have a listen (and don’t be surprised if you find yourself replaying it)!

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