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Top Notch Techno from Teser

When I first heard this new tune from Teser, I was sure of a couple of things…

  1. Based on the mix, dynamics and overall vibe – It is without a doubt created by a top notch producer who knows the scene.

  2. It was going to be crushing dance floors for years to come.

After making its rounds in the sets of the worlds DJ elite, “Duo“, has finally seen an official release on Pete Tongs FFRR Records.  It has also found major support on Radio 1 from Pete Tong who named it his essential new tune – as well as from Kolsch who named it demo of the week.

While the track wasn’t pitched with too much information on Teser otherwise, after doing some digging, it turns out the mastermind behind the Techno project may be no other than Dirty South.  Check out this article on WeRaveYou to check out the evidence thus far.

What blows my mind about this track is really just how simple it is.  A simple ascending/descending counter melody make the track uplifting maintaining a moody energy.  Big ambient hits, and fat drums drive from beginning to end.  What makes this track most interesting is the syncopation and oscillation on the lead Synth which rips throughout the track.  Dark pads, atmospheric builds and tension relieving releases help to create an enthralling after hours bomb.

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