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Top TikToker’s Join Pop Artist Jillian Rossi in New Single “So What”

Emerging pop artist Jillian Rossi makes an incredible impact with the release of her newest single “So What”. Looking to inject a breath of fresh air into the next generation of pop artists, Jillian puts the emphasis back on raw soaring vocals similar to that of a Demi Lovato or Ariana Grande. “So What” is a relatable rally cry meant to uplift and inspire others to stand up for what they believe in despite the challenges they’ve faced in the past. Co-starring influential TikToker @xobrooklynne, the video piggybacks off of the body positive message that Brooklynne and so many other female influencers endorsed through viral challenges. The challenge received high praises in mainstream press like Buzzfeed and NBC News. Now, Jillian’s music video features even more of the top TikTok Gen Z influencers amounting to a total reach of over 55M+ eyes and ears to promote a much needed message of self-love. 

The music video begins with Jillian’s storyline, offering a humanized glimpse into her experience and grappling with self-image. Paired with a cool color palette, Jillian’s moments of self-reflection partner seamlessly with modern dancers to illustrate her gripping message for an audience wrestling with self love. The video’s aesthetic has an elegant way of creating a ‘larger than life’ atmosphere. In an impressive turn of events, a collage of cameos with influential TikTok’ers flood the waves with positive messages like “You Can Make It Through This” to “Never Give Up”, “You’re Enough”, “Different Is Beautiful”, etc. Influencers include musician @daniellecohn (18.3M fans), creator @elliezeiler (7.6M fans), risk taker @hope_schwing (8.2M followers), self-experimenter @coltyy (8.1M followers), CEO of the squirrel dance @siennamae (8.6M followers) and over 20+ other beloved accounts. 

The emotional new track is meant to spark a trend of positive and encouraging messages in order to combat the negativity found on the internet, specifically related to putting down women’s bodies. With recent figures like Lizzo, Chrissy Teigan and Demi Lovato speaking out about body positivity, the climate is right for a coming together of like-minds and a continuation of progress. Join emerging pop artist Jillian Rossi on Monday November 16th for the release of her impactful music video for “So What”. The sentimental and uplifting ballad is welcomed by the TikTok community as it sets the precedent for the values and messaging that Jillian chooses to stand for. Confidently using her platform to express an enthusiastic writing style and soaring vocals sets a standard not easily recreated.

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