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Trey Joshua Picks Up Steam with New Single "Di Slow"

Trey Joshua's latest single, "Di Slow," marks a significant evolution in his musical journey. The 21-year-old Toronto artist delivers a dark Alt-Pop smash with explosive production and a melodic groove, showcasing his vocal prowess and production skills. Since his last release, Trey's monthly listeners have surged from 2000 to over 6000, earning him recognition on playlists and blogs like Fashionably Early, Aurisi0n, and Death Or Desire.

"Di Slow" is Trey's second self-produced release, offering a Progressive Pop mix that builds into explosive choruses, ideal for Tik Tok dance numbers. The track originated from an acoustic set Trey shared on social media as a thank-you gesture for the overwhelming support on his last release, evolving into an electrifying, dark, and radio-worthy hit.

Trey's refusal to be confined to a specific musical genre is evident as he explores new sounds, aiming to resonate with listeners across various genres. His pivot from R&B to dark Alt-Pop showcases an eclectic sound that keeps listeners engaged. With a new EP teased online and set for release in 2024, "Di Slow," serves as a captivating preview of Trey's upcoming project.

Trey Joshua's unwavering passion and commitment to going against the grain define him as an alternative pop star. "Di Slow" is now available for streaming and download on major platforms, inviting both existing and new listeners to explore Trey's ever-expanding catalogue.

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