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Tripping Jupiter shares heartfelt music video for new single "We Are Starlight"

The drag presenting pop artist Tripping Jupiter has released an epic new single and video "We Are Starlight", whose lyrics and music video embrace an inspiring and cosmic message that we all are made of Starlight.

Photo credit: Jessica Bartow

It's a simple yet mind blowing concept: that all of the molecules in our bodies once came from stardust; and that science fact is the inspiration for the stunning new Tripping Jupiter single and video, "We Are Starlight". The song has an anthemic and sweeping pop rock sound that evokes massive acts like The Killers or Kings of Leon but with a distinctly David Bowie flair, with bass playing done by frequent Bowie collaborator and legendary session musician Gail Ann Dorsey, who appears on several songs on the new Tripping Jupiter LP.

Speaking to the cosmic themes of the song and their inspirations for writing this new song, the singer / songwriter and architect of Tripping Jupiter Madstone Rowan said, “While wrestling with the depression and anxiety throughout the pandemic, I had gotten into watching physics videos. One night I was listening to a physicist saying that the very iron in our blood, the element that allows our blood to transport oxygen and keep us alive - didn’t come from our world. The element of iron was born out of supernovae billions of years ago, right after the birth of the universe. And every single iron atom that exists in this universe, including the iron in our blood that allows us to breathe and process oxygen - came from those stars billions of years ago. As the astrophysicist Carl Sagan famously said ‘We are made of star-stuff’

That message ties in beautifully with the music video for the song, in which a representation of young Madstone (as portrayed by child actor Gia Innamorato) runs through New York City, slowing attracting a crowd of onlookers who eventually meet in a park as the adult Madstone comes face to face with their younger self in identical outfits. As the crowd forms, they all look up towards the sky - realizing that they all came from that same vast expanse. As Madstone put is, “When I think about the craziness of the world these past few years, the misunderstandings, the wars, the inequality, the bigotry - I think of how, really, we are all made of the same elements. They came from the stars billions of years ago. No matter what our differences, ultimately, they are small. We are starlight.”

The release of "We Are Starlight" follows the recent Tripping Jupiter single “Lipstick of The Brave”, a moving piano ballad with a personal message dedicated to freedom of gender expression. The single was accompanied by a short film with hand-drawn animation directed by illustrator, animator and two-time Academy Award Nominee Bill Plympton and has been selected for a number of film festivals. Both "We Are Starlight" and "Lipstick of the Brave" will be appearing on the debut Tripping Jupiter LP coming later this fall.

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