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Turn Up with Don Toliver

Houston based Don Toliver just came out the gate with an absolutely fire debut, “I Gotta“.

As someone who comes from the days of lyrical Hip Hop, I am not always quick to hop on board with the new wave.  This is even further emphasized due to the saturation in the market and way too many soundalikes to get excited.  That being said, Don Toliver hit me right out of the gate. 

While the track is more of a turn up record than anything else – turn up he does.  Over a wavy production, he delivers an energetic performance, original tone and undeniable vibe.  With a debut like this I can’t help but think Don Toliver is going to be going hard in 2018.

To give viewers a better glimpse into him as an artist, there is an equally hyped music video to match.  Rolling through the streets heavy, Don Toliver is here to make some noise.

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