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twentylove Delivers an Emotive Journey in "Getting Used to This"

A song inspired by coping with long distance, twentylove's "Getting Used to This" offers melodic hints of nostalgia with a modern twist, appealing to listeners on a wide scale. Inspired by the blues you can feel on the road, when touring, the track was written when he was looking back on how much he missed his wife. Despite its underlying narrative, the song radiates sunny energy, taking listeners on a beautiful journey. Regenerating, twentylove's sound permeates the airwaves and we cannot wait to hear what they have in store for us next.

Through a style of sound that blends elements of classic indie with alternative pop, twentylove creates songs that feel emotive, honest and heartfelt in tone. Elaborating further on the inspiration behind his new track, twentylove explains:

“This song is about coping with long distance. I spend a lot of time on the road touring, and it’s hard to leave my wife at home. I wrote this my first time in Nashville with a songwriting/ producing couple. What you’re hearing was made in one day, we’re so excited for it to be out.”

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