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Tye James Goes Solo for New Single ‘So Damn Good’

While Tye James has had plenty of success as part of his band KNGDAVD, racking up over 3M streams and finding placements on several TV shows, commercials and films – there seemed to be limitations that he needed to break free from.

While he is still part of KNGDAVD, he has recently released a new solo song titled, “So Damn Good”.  The first of 5 tracks off of his forthcoming solo EP, The new tune is a minimal, vibrant and powerful jam.  Recorded with all live instruments and top notch musicians, the new single focuses more on the composition than any bells and whistles.  About the track he says, So Damn Good was the first song I wrote for the project, and it was the first session I’ve done without my partner in KNGDAVD in a long time. It was the first place I got to vent about some internal issues we were having, the ups and downs that are the music business, deals that didn’t go through, etc.”

While as of now there are no thoughts of departing from KNGDAVD, it does seem that creating for himself is a driving force for Tye James at the moment.  He says, “It was important for me to write and sing the way I wanted to, without over-editing every single thing to see if its cool, or if the blogs will love it, or people will like it and if it will live up to the sound/style my band’s created.

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