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UK Artist CHRLES Makes His Debut

Here is a new vibe from 21 year old UK artist CHRLES.  Hailing from North Wales, CHRLES began writing songs at 16… 5 years later, he is ready to share his sound with the world.

For his latest release, “Is There Enough Love?“, he floats effortlessly on an Electronic infused Pop production.  Lyrically, he tackles a situation most of us are familiar – lost love.  The emotional tune, disguised by brilliant melodies and stand out vocals hits from beginning to end, pulling the listener in to share in his pain, hope and regret.

While the verses remain chill and moody, supported by melodic plucks and some snaps, the hook picks up with the addition of guitar and some funky leads.  Showcasing his Pop sensibility and ability to craft a tune start to finish, everything from the instrumentation to the arrangement here is on point.

In the end, CHRLES may be aware that he, “took Away your smile“, but all he wants is to reconnect – leaving us all wondering, “is there enough love?

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