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Valley Latini Releases Empowering Project

Having performed in venues and bars across NYC as well as Scandinavia, South America and various regions across the United States, Valley Latini has proved her veteran status in the music industry. Now ready to introduce her debut project, the young pop artist embraces her sensuality and self worth in gripping, vulnerable music that is sure to inspire. As a multidisciplinary artist, Valley 's creative style channels social issues as well as personal philosophies of everything from romance to delusion. In "Attention Lover", she branches further into her personal life by outlining turbulent flings, introspective moments and relatable chaos that many experience during love. While it may seem very directly 'electro-pop', musically, Valley is also highly influenced by her religious background. Expressing her individual freedom through the beauty of female essence, we are taken on a sonic ride through past experiences, good and bad...but all that have helped shape the person that Valley is today. Visit Valley on Instagram HERE to learn more.

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