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Van Common opens the doors to Dream Pop heaven with the Synth Wings of "Olympia"

Van Common has given my back the wings it needed with "Olympia" an aptly named dream pop track that flies for the skies, burns its wings and like a phoenix of synth-wave fantasy, explodes into a bema of heaven's light.

When Dream pop hits right, when it hits you like an intervention, like an angel's touch, it hits with a grace unmatched in the pantheon of sound and Van Common has come down from their throne, touched our foreheads and created a sound that paints itself over our ears like a Michelangelo painting - the track whispers and announces at just the right time, every time and it's a glorious experience.

Van Common has gone from the Elysium fields of shoegaze with EP's like "Time is a Dream" to the heavens of light with "Olympia" and I'm so glad they can be drenched in Van Common's Synth Sermons

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