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Vavo and Tyler Light Up the Night With Their Newest Pulsing Hit, “Weekends.”

“Weekends” is an absolute club staple and banger. Perfect for EDM, House lovers, and ravers, “Weekends” is a loud, booming, and ecstatic song. This collaboration is the perfect culmination of tense synths, layered production, and crip beats. “Weekends” is a multi-layered song with a house-like dynamic beat, high pass filtered claps, and a nice round energetic bass line.

This track is not only perfect for your classic beachside rave party, but an infectious dance/house track perfect for summer drives and late night parties. It has a beat that is bumping and chords that feel positive and cheery. The track comes towering in with waves of staggering synths while the claps and shakers add a high end rhythmic element that keeps the song always flowing.

The deep and colorful voice that is on “Weekends” is no other than Tyler Mann. Mann takes center stage with his soulful and rich voice, layering vocals, adlibs, and reverb to create a hypnotic and euphoric sound.

Vavo continues to carve themselves a space in mainstream music scene with their outstanding accomplishments. Vavo has achieved important milestones in their career, charting #1 on the USA Dance Radio Chart, making multiple appearances on the Billboard Dance Charts and garnering tens of millions of plays for their music on major streaming platforms, it’s no surprise that this new release aims to perpetuate their name in the electronic dance music world

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