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Moonlight is the newest single release from multi–instrumentalist, songwriter/producer, and former boyband-alum, Verøna, hailing from Washington State and currently hanging his hat in North Hollywood. The style of Verøna’s music is a mixture of genres such as Pop, Hip–Hop, R&B, and rooted heavily with alternative guitar melodies.

The rhythm of the single is snappy and smart. The lyrics and melody from Verøna’s track comes off as well-written thoughtful alt/pop and is rounded out by R&B style hooks, sandwiched between a Hip-Hop beat and old-school sound effects. The result, something completely unique. Although his music has a uniqueness, it also has a very familiar feeling to it that instantly draws the listener in and grips them tightly.

Whether you’re rolling down the street in the car, listening at your desk at work, or head-to-head at the beer pong table, Moonlight is a jam you can get behind. It effortlessly lends itself to the situation you are in and begs to be listened to.

Listen to more music from Verøna, here:

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