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Vibes Til the Morning

First of all, not sure if you are on that Kehlani tip yet… but if you’re not, you’re slacking.

Hailing from Cali, she has been absolutely crushing it over the last year with her perfect balance of sexuality, attitude and vocal ability.

Don’t believe me?  Peep this remix of her track, “Til the Morning“, by Snakehips.

I’ve been knocking this once since it was released a few weeks back and every time I listen I kind of want to want to bang my girlfriend while I cry tears of angst upon her… there is just something super sexy and emotional about this mix…maybe its just me?

Snakehips brings the perfect Electronic flavor to support the vocals.  R&B vibes give way to a pumping synth stabs and a fat old bass.

Peep it..


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