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Vic August Teams Up with Socialblight & UKNWN for ‘Approach’

After topping the charts earlier this year with his EP, “Truths“, Australian artist Vic August has been quietly stacking up tunes and making moves behind the scenes.  Now ready to release his new EP, “xx” this fall, he has just blessed fans with the project lead single, “Approach“, featuring Socialblight and UKNWN.

The new single is a smooth, R&B leaning cross over tune that brings slick lyrics over a melodic, guitar driven beat.  Both sexy and slapping, the tune is only a taste of what is to come from his new project.  Having already racked up some impressive numbers and cosignes fromt he likes of Ebro, Spotify and more, Vic August is really only just getting started.  Make sure you hop on the bandwagon now.

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