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Viral Tiktoker and Recording Artist matty co. Releases Debut Single

Known for his involvement in Los Angeles' NEW LANGUAGE and as a touring member of Teenage Wrist (Epitaph Records) as well as Holy Wars (Version iii), matty co. is back and solo this time with his relatable new hit 'Won't Do" on all streaming platforms. Inspired by the growing social and political tension that the US has been experiencing since 2020, matty's hit really 'hits' on a deeper level as so many can relate to his message. Having seen history repeat itself one too many times, he encourages his fans to acknowledge the fact that what we're doing to try and 'fix' things is definitely not working and it's finally time for something to change. An organic build both lyrically and musically, "Won't Do" sets the bar for what is to be several new single releases for the young artist this year.

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