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Vitri Takes us to ‘Vietnam’

There is something special about music that is inspired by a moment in time, a special location, a sincere connection, or an unforgettable moment.

Producer Vitri seems to pull inspiration directly for the world around him, transforming his feelings into musical works of art to be shared with he world.  His latest release, “Vietnam (Take You There)”, is a perfect example of his ability to translate his life through music.

The tune itself was not only inspired by his time backpacking through Vietnam, but also features a Vietnamese singer that he met during his travels.  The bright and uplifting track relies on rhythmic plucks, soulful vocals, deep pads and dreamy synth melodies – all coming together to create an ethereal and captivating release.

About the track Vitri says, “The soulful vocals and upbeat sound aim to capture my impression of the Vietnamese people, and their vibrant/resilient spirit.

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