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Whatever We Are Take Things Acoustic on Latest Single ‘Church’

Music has always had a magical way of bringing people together, but for new group Whatever We Are, there was a bond far before there was a single.  While friendship was there from the very beginning, the 4-piece band came together – and they are now creating impactful tunes from their bedroom of their shared address.

Bringing a no rules necessary vibe to the music they create, everything the have unleashed so far feels like it was birthed directly from an impromptu jam session.  The impressive part is that while it feels natural and uncontrived, there is a brilliant polish that comes from crisp production, impressive vocals and quality songwriting – and beneath it all there is an undeniable chemistry that can heard between each party with damn near every note.

Closing out the release of their debut 6-track EP, they have recently unveiled the final single, “Church”, and it has had me all up in my feelings since I gave it its first spin.  While the rest of the EP is very electronic, their new offering is a stunning, emotional and soulful acoustic tune that cuts deep.  With nothing more than piano and keys setting the tone, the track sways from anthemic hooks to poignant rap verses seamlessly.  

Perhaps what I like best about this song compared to the other tunes on the project (which are also 100% worth checking out) is that on this one, each artist really gets a chance to shine.  An ever-crisp mix, beautiful harmonies and stand out vocal performances make sure that from beginning to end, you are picking up exactly what they are putting down.  About the track, Whatever We Are say, “This is a song about love and acceptance. It is a cry for peace and simplicity in a chaotic world. It is a reminder that love is easier to spread than hate.

This one is a stunner and has grown on me even more with each listen.  Pretty sure this is going to be a go to for me for quite some time. 

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