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Will Linley Brings Out the Best in Us With "Miss Me (When You're Gone)

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Dating can be a frustrating and seemingly endless pursuit. You put yourself in a vulnerable position, hoping to make a meaningful connection which can often result in little more than surface level attraction. However, on occasion, you may find someone who gives you a sense of worth and makes you better as a result. Will Linley wants us to know that he found just that with his debut single "Miss Me (When You're Gone)"

The track lulls listeners in with some light acoustic guitar followed up by delicate chords on the piano. Ultimately you cant help but to pay attention when the chorus hits. "When I found you, I found me" perfectly sums up how Linley feels when he's around this person

“‘miss me (when you’re gone)’ is a very personal song for me. I had met someone who I felt brought out the best part of me. The song is about me realising that I’m going to miss the person that I am when I am around her, when we can no longer be together.”

The 20 year old South African Native didn't always have his sights set on a career making music. Although he grew up singing with his family and was a classically trained vocalist, Linley decided on a more traditional route, opting to go to college for business. He later began exploring his musical capabilities when the pandemic hit and put school on hold, landing him back at home with nothing but time.

Will is already making waves with this track, currently amassing over 3 million streams on Spotify and even more on TikTok. He's now looking to the future of his career with hopes to continue collaborating with the talents that helped bring "Miss Me (When You're Gone)" to life.

Listen to more like Will Linley here:

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