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Willa Brings A New Vibe on ‘Cause You Did’ [VIDEO]

Canadian artist Willa is my latest find from Toronto, and she is yet another example of the crazy amount of talent coming out of there.  Toronto is a hotbed.

Part of a percentage of the population that suffers from/is gifted by synesthesia, a disorder/superpower that allows those who have it to experience things with more than one sense, Willa has always been a little different.  It wasn’t until she was 11 and tried to talk to her mother about the color of a song that they realized something was up… coincidentally, her uncle who was responsible for teaching her to play piano had it as well.

While Willa hasn’t released too much music as of late, it seems she is now ready to put the pedal to the metal.  After releasing her last project, “Criminals and Dreamers”, which has since been streamed over 11M time, Willa went back to work finding new collaborators, honing in on her voice and developing a sound that she feels is more authentic to who she hopes to be as an artist.  

Her latest offering, “Cause You Did”, is her first release since her hiatus and marks a new chapter for the young Canadian.  The vibrant Pop tune is an outright jam that has been getting plenty of spins in my headphones since its release.  Bubbly and dynamic production floats beneath the slightly distorted, energetic vocals from Willa.  Most impressive is the ear worm toplines, relatable lyrics and overall vine that Willa is able to deliver on her latest tune.

On top of being a bop, it seems the new single may also be her most honest to date.  About the release, Willa says, “Writing Cause You Did was the first time I truly faced my feelings about the person that hurt me most. The song explores my inability to allow myself to get close to anyone since then and how the thick skin I’ve developed feels powerful; like an armour or strength even though underneath that armour is only hurt and fear. Even though I KNOW vulnerability is real strength. I’m working on it.

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