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Woody Preps Forthcoming Debut Project with New Single "Lost Goodbye"

Lifelong musician Woody has been immersed in music since the age of five. Learning to play piano, guitar and cello from an early age, there is no question that music has always held a place in her heart. After moving from Paris to London as a teenager, her love for her art only grew as she pulled inspiration from her travels and the world around her, pouring her experiences back into her music and eventually diving into creating songs of her own.

When she was 18, Woody was gifted a day in a recording studio, during which she recorded her first original song, "Dance on the Moon," which she released in 2019 and has since racked up over 3M streams to date. With an impressive way with words, a soaring voice and an ability to connect with her audience, Woody's debut single and subsequent reaction only helped to further fuel the fire, leading to where we are today; gawking over her latest offering, "Lost Goodbye."

Released towards the end of 2022, her new single has undoubtedly connected with fans, raking in an impressive number of streams in a short period of time. Over a minimal, organic and dynamic production, Woody delivers a stunning performance that hooks listeners from the very top, pulling at heartstrings and leaving us feeling like mush. While this may only be her second single, Woody has made sure that each of her releases so far were well worth the wait. About the single, Woody says, "I put my heart out in this talking about the feelings of emptiness and frustration of being left by someone you loved without knowing the reasons why. Hope you’ll love it as much as do. Can’t wait to share it with you!"

With a promise of her debut project dropping later this year, "Lost Goodbye," is more than enough to keep us waiting patiently for more and I have to assume there will be more stunning tunes from Woody coming soon. Do yourself a favor and check this one out!

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