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WRENN Slaps With Dreamy Bop “Your Friends Like Me Better”

We’re a sucker for a good heartbreak break bop that channel’s everything from rage and sadness to happiness and pettiness. It was easy to fall into WRENN’s latest hit “You’re Friends Like Me Better” for this exact nature. The pop tune is a slick bop and showcases the artist’s knack for songwriting and crafting relatable tunes with an alternative rock edge.

“Your Friends Like Me Better” is both dreamy and gritty. Starting with an acoustic guitar riff surrounded by synths dripping in reverb, the tune makes out to be a spacey pop tune. But once the percussive textures and addictive bass line have filtered in, the song blooms into a fiery alt-pop smash that brings out WRENN’s compelling and catchy lyrics. You can hear the sublime mix of humor, heartbreak, and wrath with every line, especially when she delivers that slap-across-the-face line: “I think it’s kinda funny how they know you well but they like me better.” WRENN shares this song mirrors how quarantine’s ability to make relationships feel all rainbows and sunshines while simultaneously ending abruptly prompted this song, sharing:

“Did anyone else get super obsessed with one person over quarantine and pictured a whole future with them but then they ended things right as the world is going back to normal? Or is that just me?… I wrote a song about that, so welcome to QUARANTINE HEARTBREAK POP.”

Taking hits and serving back alt-pop savagery is nothing new to WRENN. Her previous single “Hailey” used an audio clip of her ex admitting to cheating in the background. This sent TikTok and fans across the internet into a frenzy, absolutely living for the artist’s rockstar attitude and prowess.

The 22-year-old Los Angeles-native grew up surrounded by music and it’s evident in her inherent knack for creating hits. This creative has been backed by numerous publications and just as many fans. With tastemakers like The FADER, Ladygunn, NYLON, Billboard, Ones To Watch and many others on board, numerous placements on Spotify playlists including New Noise, Fierce Femmes, and All New Rock, radio support from iHeart and Alt Nation this is is just the beginning. With sass, grit, and pure talent packed into her small frame, rousing firebrand artist WRENN is a force to be reckoned with.

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