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You Took Them & You Went Away

I flew a thousand fucking miles just to bring you flowers so all your friends would be impressed… but you took them and you went away“.

If that line doesn’t pull at the heart strings… I’m pretty sure you’re dead inside.

The new release from Agency, “Warn Me Next Time“, is smooth and funky with a bit of a bounce.  Blurring the lines between straight up R&B, Soul and Hip-Hop the track presents a somewhat depressing story disguised under perfect harmonies and catchy melodies.  While the lyrics tell the story of a relationship where the man is under appreciated and who’s emotions are being played with – the story is really a liberating one, with the man finally expressing himself and deciding to move on.

The production throughout is super minimal, which personally I love… the harmonies are money, and nothing here takes away from that.  Super chill and emotional verses eventually give way to an interesting change in production for the hook, adding a kind of dissonant uneasy energy while also adding to the tracks overall dynamics.

This one has a vibe… a I am digging it.

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