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Your New Queen: KING [VIDEO]

Up and coming Danish artist KING first burst onto the scene in summer 16 with her debut single, “Promise“, quickly grabbing the industry’s attention and making her one to watch.  After releasing several other singles, she is back once again with a brooding new tune, “Only U“.

This time around KING has teamed up with Peter Yushichi St James and Christian Nilsson, who have both had successes of their own leading up to this release.  Together, the three artists are able to create a dark, poignant and weighty Pop smash.  While KING dominates the vocals, the production is clean, dynamic and moody – perfectly setting the tone of the track. 

About the new release, KING says, “[This] is the hardest track I’ve ever recorded. Christian and James made me do everything over and over again because they wanted it to be perfect. I’m really proud of this track: the sound, my tone and the lyrics. If a song could be perfect this is the one.

For me, catchy top lines make the vocal performance memorable while simplistic yet relatable lyrics get stuck in your head with ease.  The contrast between the beautiful and bright vocals and the ominous production add a nice vibe to the track, making it both uplifting and haunting.

This is an all around solid release, perfect for fans of straight up Pop as well as lovers of Electronic.  A beautiful blend that hits hard and resonates deep.

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