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Welcome to


A place to DISCOVER & SHARE NEW MUSIC from around the globe.


There is an endless amount of talent in this world, and we are only trying to help expose some of that talent to a broader audience.


We welcome music submissions of all genres for consideration.


We put a great amount of effort [and time] into supporting our featured artists, following, liking, and sharing their content across our platform.  We ask that if you LOVE the site, you do the same for us in return!


Contact –

How to SUbmit? 

There are TWO ways to submit to


Featured Post


With the amount of submissions we receive everyday, it is nearly impossible for us to keep up. If you are an artist who appreciates our editorial and would like to see your music featured on the site, we can guarantee you a post for a $20.00 USD fee.


With all of our editorial, we aim to give artists a quality, honest and personal review (NO COPY AND PASTE HERE) that we hope you take pride in and want to share with your fans. This one time fee does not guarantee you a POSITIVE REVIEW, only an HONEST REVIEW with a quick turn around (2 days max or we will issue a refund). It is in your best interest to make sure your songs are properly arranged, mixed and mastered prior to paying the fee and requesting a review (this goes for submitting to any site).


Check some of our other reviews to get an idea of what we like [and don’t like] and try to make sure your music is inline with what we like to share.







This book teaches artists at any level how to grow their audience on streaming services through profile enhancement, data analysis, automation and creating value as a curator. 


Seeing as our email inbox is inundated with pitches, the only way to ensure that your music is heard and considered for the site is to submit via our SubmitHub channel!

Submit for feature consideration via SubmitHub – CLICK HERE

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