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11 Helps Us ‘Find A Way’

There’s nothing cooler than when two musical minds meet under unexpected circumstances and it leads to amazing collaborations.  Often times, it takes another person in the room to pull something new and exciting out of an artist.  That being said… meet 11.

11 is made up of James Lamb on vocals and Richard Cracker, a multi-instrumentalist and producer.  The two South London based artists originally worked together in an experimental Rock band in 2014.  With both parties recognizing an undeniable vibe, they came together once again to form the new outfit.  Together again, they now have a vast catalog they are not getting ready to unleash. 

Their latest tune, and second single, “Find A Way”, is as dynamic as it is intriguing.  With poetic lyrics, Indie Rock leaning vocals and production that mixes the best of acoustic and electronic – their sound is original, cool and captivating.  What I love most about this release is its ability to touch on every emotion musically.  Throughout the tune, there are moments of triumph, collapse, heartache and faith.

A true cross over, it feels as if they have taken everything they have ever listened to and mixed it all together into something totally new and fresh.  Super impressed by how well this works – even if I can’t put my finger on why it does.

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