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New Releases

Zoë Ferguson - Die Alone (Remixes)
Kenny Shane - Blackin' Out like Chet Hanks
BRKN BLVD - Falling for Us
Kenny Shane - Hunter Biden's Laptop (feat. Daego Gold)
Lavish Life - Golden
Kenny Shane - Something (feat. Mibbs)


RDFO extended fam

Just like, RockDafuqOut Records runs on passion and allows the music to remain the focus.  Eager to help developing artists from around the globe get the attention they deserve while building a fanbase (and catalog) that will stand the test of time, we bring a vast network, proven track record and 10+ years of music business experience to the table.  With high standards, a trusted ear and a quality over quantity mindset, RockDafuqOut Records is looking for music that moves the soul. 

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