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‘2nd Generation Wu’ Carries The Torch With New Single “New Generation” ft. M

After receiving rave reviews from their first release, 2nd Generation Wu is now back with their latest single, “New Generation (Remix).” Over a hard-gritty production laid out by YODI, iNTeLL and PXWER deliver a bar heavy lyrical performance, with a strong feature from the Wu Tang legend himself, Method Man.

“New Generation” is almost nostalgic for hip hop purists who have been waiting for high-level lyricism and wordplay over grungy vibes. Not only does it feel like Method Man is passing the torch in his remarkable verse, but INTell and PXWER are representing by showcasing their unique abilities to shine in each of their verses. The combination feels like legendary Wu tradition. Oh yeah, the video is out now too! Make sure you follow the legacy and check it out now.

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