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4 Brothers | 1 Band | 1 Goal

Hero The Band is an Alternative/Indie collective holding it down for The A. Their motive, as a group is to impact lives with their signature sound.

What’s special about this band, is that their blood brothers. Yes, you heard that correct. They are literally a Band of Brothers. Before their successes as Hero The Band, the brothers started off their musical path, singing at their local church and preforming at talent shows all around Atlanta. The brothers love and ear for music stems directly from their family filled with singers and musicians. These four were destined to be rockstars with all that talent around them.

I was attracted to Mad because the beginning keyboard synth made me feel as if I was entering the Labyrinth…. R.I.P. Bowie. When you least expect it, your blown away by their power.  Big barks from the hi-hat and Oommph from the fat sounding kick, complement the strong chords coming from the guitar and bass.

The synergy from their instruments alone make this track a hit, but when you add the force coming from their vocals, it brings the track to a whole other playing field. I can really see their careers pop off after this single because it’s filled with passion and rage. Their biggest influences include Prince, Queen and Michel Jackson and you can hear elements from each of them within the bands sound.

What got me even more excited about putting you on this awesome group, was to show off their official music video for, “Mad”.

The brothers are shown preforming in a abandoned facility, surrounded by broken down Mercedes and BMW’s. Their visuals and fashion sense are like no other rock group out there right now. Regardless of the type of genre you listen to, give Hero The Band a listen. Their Album Heroshima changed the way I appreciate Alternative/Indie Rock; On God!

Stay Bless and RockDafuqOut my friends!


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