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7evein7ins Drops Moody New Project "My Everlasting Isolation"

7evin7ins' shakes things up with new full-length project, "My Everlasting Isolation." The projects lead single, "THANK YOU FOR THE THERAPY," is a compelling testament to the artist's genre-blending prowess and resilience. Hailing from the small town of Allendale, New Jersey, 7evin7ins weaves together equal parts pop-punk, alternative, and hip-hop, creating a distinctive and undeniable sound. The artist's personal journey, initially marked by basketball aspirations, took an unexpected turn when a debilitating injury left him with stress fractures in his knees, altering his trajectory. However, from the depths of depression, 7evin7ins found solace and purpose in music, ultimately discovering TUBLife & Rockstaar Entertainment and embarking on a professional recording journey. Influenced by a diverse range of artists, from Paramore and Post Malone to Eminem, Lil Wayne, and Juice WRLD, 7evin7ins has crafted a signature style that sets him apart in the music landscape.

In, "THANKS FOR THE THERAPY," 7evin7ins showcases his ability to seamlessly blend different musical elements, resulting in a captivating and anthemic track. The song serves as a reflection of his personal evolution and the therapeutic power of music in overcoming life's challenges. With a narrative rooted in resilience, the artist's journey from a basketball court guard to a multifaceted creative force is palpable in the raw emotion and energy infused into the music. This latest release not only solidifies 7evin7ins' standing as a creative chameleon but also sets the stage for a promising campaign in 2023, building on the success of previous hits like "Life Gets F**ked Up" and "Oh Sh!t."

As 7evin7ins continues to navigate the intersections of rock, hip-hop, and alternative sounds, "THANKS FOR THE THERAPY" stands as a powerful declaration of artistic identity. The artist's collaborations with diverse talents, as seen in "Love You Like I Used To" and "Head High," further showcase his versatility and ability to connect with a wide audience. With the strong kickoff provided by "plsdontgo," it's evident that 7evin7ins is poised for an exciting and impactful musical journey in 2023, leaving listeners eagerly anticipating the sonic adventures that lie ahead.

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