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8UBBLES Releases New Single ‘Music Is My Wife’

“Music is My Wife ” describes 8UBBLES‘ one true love – Music. The one thing you can always count on being there for you is Music. Music is pure escapism and you can forget reality when entranced by melodies and infectious rhythm. Sleek production and damn-catchy house groove will have you hooked on this new 8UBBLES track.

“2020 has been brutal – my girlfriend flew off into the sunset without me, I was fired from my job, etc. Yet through all of it, my great love Music has always been there for me. “Music Is My Life” is my disco tribute to this supreme affection. Win or lose, I am sticking with my girl.” – 8UBBLES

Sonically, the track feels like it belongs in the world of funk, but as the track builds you start to hear it’s Electro-influenced bass synths and you can’t help but feel like you’ve stepped into some epic afterparty. Dance the night away, throw your hands up, forget your cares, wrap yourself up in the arms of Music. This is a track that will have you feeling good in no time.

8ubbles (real name Daniel P. Soapman) was plucked from obscurity as a barely-employable teenager and was crowned “8ubbles”, the squeaky-clean mascot of soap conglomerate BubbleCorp’s line of bathing products. The meteoric rise to the heights of corporate fame & fortune came with a steep price, as being a branding shill did not suit his temperament. Years later, a stint of public bad behavior led to his unceremonious firing.  Burnt out, 8ubbles found himself traversing the underground nightclub scene and making a name for himself as a skilled DJ on the famed Bath House Circuit. Step aboard the kooky disco machine and let’s get grooving with 8ubbles.

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