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9 Theory Teams up with Julian Temple for ‘Island Song’

Preparing to drop his second album, “Good Morning From A Nuclear Ghost”, LA based 9 Theory has just released the projects 4th single, “Island Song”, featuring Julian Temple and it is a beautiful crossover jam.

After first meeting each other a couple of years back when they were both performing at the Big Surreal Festival, both artists hit it off and decided a collaboration was in order.  While Julian lives in New Zealand, it turned out he was going to be in San Diego the week after the festival, so they got together and this single is a culmination of one late night session and their collective efforts.

While this one may lean more Indie Rock than most of 9 Theory’s usual releases, he still makes sure to put his signature stamp on it with some intricate Electronic elements and funky rhythms.  The down-tempo and emotional jam relies mostly on piano, acoustic guitar to set the mood and to create the soundscape for the vocals to sway.

A solid collab for sure, and certainly another release that will for sure get 9 Theory’s fans excited for the new album.

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