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91 Flexin’ with Serious Klein

Serious Klein’s aggressive yet hypnotic flow will make you bounce your head throughout the entire track. He has a knack for maintaining a rhythm and excels greatly with his speedy bars that makes it feel like he’s going in fast forward at times. He shows his versatility on 91 Flex by going in and out of intense sequences of rapping by cutting it up with softer more distraught vocals about God and how his life was up-side down before he was able to finally flex (the hook). 

Rascal delivered on the production of this track with tantalizing, high energy beats. If you’re not familiar he has worked with the likes of Chance the Rapper, SiR and Justin Bieber to name a few. The beat that Rascal produced was a perfect canvas for Serious to go off on, as it is rhythmic and has a short beat loop segment which matches Klein’s quick delivery. This is one reason why Rascal and Klein are a match made in heaven.

Serious hasn’t released his debut album but has already released three LP’s and fans are in high anticipation for more hard-hitting material. Him being multi-cultured and having the buzz that he’s having, I could easily see his debut having high international success. Look out for Serious Klein for years to come.

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