• Nicholas Zallo

A Monkey Goes To Heaven! [FREE DL]

Shout out to Du Tonc for reaching out!

I am absolutely loving the vibe in this one.  The duo takes on The Pixies, “Monkey Gone To Heaven“, and transformed it into a groovy Nu Disco infused dance joint.

When asked about the remix, they had this to say…

“We wanted to do something different, we’ve only been working on original music so far so wanted to take some tracks we love and put a different spin on them. We don’t think this could be anymore different to the original”. 

I’m just glad they decided to take a break from the originals to turn this joint out.  An overall great vibe in the track with a heavy plucky bass, soft synths filling the background and some other dope flavors to spice it up.

Great work!



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#DuTonc #MonkeyGoneToHeaven #ThePixies

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