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a Sunray breaks our pain with "Guided" a soulful pop folk track by Pa Sheehy

The two hearts of soft pop and soul-folk smash into a self-contained explosion, that is a soft and existential collapse of beautiful vocals, spiritual instrumentation and joyous abandon.

Irish singer and songwriter Pa Sheehy has come from out of the dark, sent a beam of light into the vast landscape of the music industry and given us the beauty of "Guided" a joyous track layered with soulful lyricism, and a soft unapologetic instrumentation.

Pa Sheehy has a voice I've been missing in my life for years now, a hard-to-the-bone commitment to a heartbroken narrative, but a warm comforting folk vocalism that builds itself above the pop design of the track - Pa Sheehy and "Guided" are a magnificent discovery.

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