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A Timeless Rock Artist’s Resurgence – Kyle Davis Releases New Music!

After a 10+ year break from the music industry, VA-based rock artist Kyle Davis released his long-awaited album on January 31st, 2020, “Make It Count,” with a music video, offering a timeless reflection that encourages listeners to make the most of the time that they have on this earth. Kyle has been deemed “One of the best unsigned artists” by Billboard, received 4-stars from Rolling Stone on previous work and has shared the stage with renowned acts including Bob Dylan, John Mayer, Hall & Oates, Sheryl Crow and ZZ Top. While Davis has received extensive accolades over the course of his career, his album “Make It Count” is about more than simply making music. Stepping back for a moment of reflection, Kyle Davis realizes now, perhaps more than ever, that music can be a vehicle for change.

Created by Mikan Media, the music video for the title track, “Make it Count,” expresses Davis’s realization that time is the one thing we cannot control. The video features nostalgic scenes of Davis driving by the house where he grew up, paying a beautiful homage to Davis’s personal history. The somber song lyrics note how his family fell apart a little after they moved and also serves as a place for Davis to say he misses his Dad – something he needed. Illustrating shared human experiences, the music video also features a few real stories including one of grief through the eyes of a woman looking upward in a church, holding a picture of her brother who took his life; it also tells of  rebirth and life through the eyes of a young mother with her child. Notably, the song expresses how we get many chances but each one only once.

Davis wrote all ten tracks on the album. If you like “Make It Count” you have to dive into the remaining songs. It’s a deeply-moving record that spans a mixture of emotions, from the heartache and happenstance of the title track, “Make It Count,” to the drive and determination of “Not Broken.” There’s the radiance and illumination found in the upward gaze of hope in “Stay With Me” and “Old Habits (Lady Liberty),” as well as the wistful repose that resides in the shimmering, seductive lilt of “Johnny” and “Only You.”

Produced by Scott Lane and Stewart Myers, “Make It Count” features Daniel Clark on organ, piano, and whirly, Charles Authur on mandolin, pedal and steel, Carter Gravatt [Carbon Leaf] on mandolin, acoustic, pedal steel, Mike Durham and Scott Lane playing electric guitars, as well as drummers, John O’Reilly and Pinson Chanselle, and Stewart Myers and Scott Lane on bass, as well as backing vocalists Kenneka Cook and Scott Lane.

Be sure to follow Kyle Davis on Facebook and stream the entire album on Spotify now.

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