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A-Zal Reveals an Intimate Side to NYC with New Hit "Lonely Town"

Off the heels of his widely successful single “Movie Script”, renowned pop artist A-Zal is set to release his deeply personal hit “Lonely Town” to all streaming services. Paired with a raw black and white visual, “Lonely Town” reflects on his remarkable journey from India to the United States in pursuit of the American Dream. In 2018, he made a courageous decision to migrate to the USA and, in particular, to the vibrant streets of New York City to launch his music career. Despite the city's undeniable glamor, A-Zal discovered a quieter, more intimate side to it.

The music video captures his struggles and how he performed in New York City's subway stations to make a living before he got his big break with Marvel Studios. In his own words, A-Zal describes New York as a companion: "I’ve compared the city to a lady who holds my hands and walks along with me in my tough days. It is New York that gave me the success for which I had moved to this amazing country." The lyrics, such as "Right beneath your walking feet, I’ll be your home," resonate with his early struggles when the city streets were his only refuge. After working tirelessly, he achieved a major breakthrough, collaborating with industry giants like Marvel Studios on popular television series such as "Loki" and "Ms. Marvel."

His debut single, "Movie Script," released in August 2023, quickly ascended the charts, catapulting A-Zal to the Mediabase TOP 40 Activator Charts within just two weeks of its release. The song marked the beginning of a promising career, as it paved the way for his upcoming album, "17 & 11 Nights," which has already garnered significant attention from audiences, press, and radio. It came in the top 100 in just its second week. The song is charting at #51 in the fourth week, making A-Zal one of the only three independent singers in the top 51 ranking.

A-Zal's musical style encompasses influences from both British pop culture and the vibrant Indian music scene. This unique fusion sets him apart and brings a fresh perspective to the pop music scene. With a dedicated fan base that affectionately refers to him as the "American Ed Sheeran" due to his soulful voice and heartfelt melodies, A-Zal has solidified his presence in the industry. His debut single's tremendous success is just a glimpse of what's to come. "Lonely Town" is set to be another milestone in A-Zal's career, celebrating the beauty and complexity of New York City.

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