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Aaron Taos Comes Back to Self with ‘Birthday Boy’

Since I first discovered Aaron Taos a little over a year ago, I have been closely watching his progression as an artist.  Having released his first EP in 2015, Aaron has continued to release an array of tunes to critical acclaim, unfortunately like so many artists, Aaron was faced with a battle within, slowly eating away at his motivation and creativity. 

Most recently, Aaron Taos has taken things back to where it all started with the release of his, “Birthday Boy”, album.  After he found himself losing hope, he found a new drive and focus while sitting along on his birthday last year.  About how the project came to be, he says, “I was sitting alone on a bench in the park by my apartment in Brooklyn, feeling pretty down about where my career and life was. Another year had gone by and all these things that I wanted to accomplish just hadn’t come to fruition. Through the frustration, I was inspired to be more honest in my writing and take the reins again producing my own tracks – something I hadn’t done since being introduced to the session/cowriting landscape of the music industry following the release of my first EP in 2015. That same day I wrote the first track on the album, “Birthday Blues.” I hunkered down and spent the rest of the summer writing and recording at the house I grew up in Connecticut, away from the distractions of the city. In the process, I rediscovered that love and creativity that initially drew to recording and writing my own music in the first place.

While I had initially fallen by hooked by Aaron Taos for his ability to cross genres and write relatable, jam worthy tunes, his new project shows a more mature and focused artist ready to take control.  The ten track project takes listeners on a journey from track to track, showing a more personal and raw side of the buzzing young artist.  About the inspiration behind the project, Aaron offers, “Birthday Boy” is a semi-concept album about growing older. It’s an album written at a low point in my life during which I was going through quite a bit of self-reflection – mainly surrounding the questions: What do I want? Why do I want it? and Is it truly important? For me, birthdays serve as important milestones for introspection. With this as the thematic foundation of the album, “Birthday Boy” is a personal exploration through the lens of the expectations we place on ourselves in relation to getting older.

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