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Aaron Taos Continues Hot Streak with ‘Closure’

Aaron Taos is a name that you should be familiar with by now if you follow the site.  Over the last year or two, the multi-talented singer/songwriter/producer has landed on RockDafuqOut with damn near every release he has dropped.  Sporting an ever-changing sound, a willingness to take risks and an undeniable knack for writing stand-out tunes, Aaron Taos has continually impressed us from release to release as he hones in on his sound and racks up some impressive numbers along the way.

After dropping an album and a number of singles throughout the year, Aaron Taos is now back, once again, with a new tune, titled, “Closure“.  The rocking new tunes blends elements of Indie Rock with Pop arrangements and hooks that make sure this one can work everywhere from Top 40 to Alternative.  Always impressed by his clean, dynamic production and his relatable lyrics, Aaron Taos has proved himself as an artist to watch time and time again.

About the new release, he says, “Closure” is about the process of searching for resolution after a break-up. It’s about that unexpected rush of emotions that come when you unexpectedly see your old person’s face – even when you were sure you were over them.

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