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Abby Holliday, Tyler Jarvis, & Jack Price Declare “April Fools” On Ode To Mixed Feelings

It’s tough to totally let someone go and move on from what you had in a relationship. This perpetuates an endless cycle of back and forth, trying to make the best decision regardless of your feelings. Abby Holliday, Tyler Jarvis, and Jack Price illustrate this feeling on witty tune “April Fools.”

Driven by a simple rhythmic groove, the tune is not only laced with catchy melodies and playful lyrics, but incorporates cheeky sounds and moments to perpetuate the joke that is the monotonous cycle of feelings for someone. The duet between Holliday and Jarvis indicate each others’ struggles with the failed relationship and how the best course of action is unclear. The lyrics of the chorus switch between “April Fools, I still want you back” and “I don’t want you back,” creating the double entendre around the words “April fools.”

Artists Abby Holliday and Tyler Jarvis team up with Cincinnati-based producer Jack Price to deliver a cheeky tune playing on relationships and the cheesy holiday that is April Fools’ Day. Each bringing their influences to the table, the trio of creators bridge the pop and alternative sounds together to make a genuine brand of pop.

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