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Abhi The Nomad Continues the Onslaught

After years on the grind, it seems Abhi The Nomad is finally starting to feel the glow up.  Having headed out on his first 14 city headlining tour last year, while simultaneously racking up millions of plays online, Abhi The Nomad is riding high off of his best year to date – and 2019 is shaping up to be an even bigger year for the Austin implant.

While he may currently be performing at shows across SXSW, he is making sure to keep all of us not in attendance hooked with the second (and finally) single from his forthcoming, “Marbled (Acoustic), EP.  Having just dropped the lead single last week, Abhi is back with one of the fan favorites from his debut album, “Somebody to Love“.

Before he begins to unleash his new material, Abhi The Nomad decided to slow things down a bit and give fans a deeper look into the man behind the music.  Stripping down 5-key tracks from the 2018 album, Abhi brings a raw and unfiltered view of everything he has poured into the project.  Accompanied by a live, split-screen video (obviously all done by Abhi – because why not do everything if you can do everything), the new interpretation gives viewers/listeners the ability so slow down and let the music speak.

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