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Abhi The Nomad is Back With a Surprise for Fans !

Abhi The Nomad is back 5 months later after his release of acclaimed debut album “Marbled” and has surprise for his fans! The first thing that comes to my mind when I listen to Abhi The Nomad is balance. There is a strong sense of belonging and remaining grounded in his music. It’s easy to get attached to Abhi’s music since he doesn’t seem to direct his music towards a specific group or genre, it is almost as if he is talking to everyone as a whole unit. This presence could be brought out into his music because of what he has dealt with in the past. Growing up Abhi lived in various parts of the world, that is just the lifestyle when you are the son of a diplomat. After his unstable lifestyle, Abhi sought out consistency within the United States and spent last year in Austin, Texas where he enrolled into school. Abhi has been focusing on obtaining a O1 Visa since he previously got kicked out of the country. There is no doubt that Abhi lived a hectic life where much around him wasn’t consistent, but the genius behind it all is that he put what was missing from his life into his music; a sense of belonging.

After a few months of uncertainty, he finally received his O1 Visa and is now ready to show the states the skills he got. Now that everything is becoming more consistent, Abhi is now ready to treat his fans to some mixes to fan favorite song “Somebody to Love”. With mixes from AWAKEND and Walkabout that accompany the laid-back chill vibes Abhi portrays in his music, these two remixes are guaranteed to be a hit to fans. Abhi also incorporates his own personal mix called “Nomad’s Wavey Mix” to keep that energy of connectedness with his fans. With a surprise like this there is no telling what more Abhi has up his sleeve! Make sure to checkout all of the mixes!

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