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Abhi The Nomad Preps New Acoustic EP with ‘Marbled (Acoustic)’ [VIDEO]

From the Upcoming Acoustic E.P of the talented producer.

A lush acoustic performance is delivered from Abhi The Nomad in his newest release through Tommy Boy Music. The 24 year old is coming fresh off a North American tour and having solved his grueling visa issues. Now, he gifts us with an Acoustic E.P with songs from his debut ‘Marbled’. The songs are creatively re-imagined with a new arrangement while never loosing his signature groove and character. Marbled (Acoustic) is the first single to come out and it is accompanied by a video, edited and filmed by Abhi himself and reinforcing the D.I.Y ethos that showcases what a hard worker he really is.

The track is accompanied by a mesmerizing video that shows Abhi performing the song in three different parts, each exposing his talents as a rapper, singer, producer, guitarist, bassist and keyboard player. The track is as groovy as the original and it creates a sense of intimacy with the listener, almost as if accompanying Abhi through the night he is describing.

Don’t sleep on his newest release and tune into Abhi’s performances at SXSW 2019. The producer is set for a huge breakthrough this year and hopefully, release new tracks soon.

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